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PermaTherm Insulated Metal Panel Installation and Modular Construction Guidelines

Installation of Structural Insulated PanelsPermaTherm's expanded polystyrene (EPS) structural insulated metal panels are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses between 2 inches and 12 inches. The different spans allow for the specific R-values needed for your application. PermaTherm's continuous laminating line can manufacture panels in any desired length and thickness and to each job's specific tolerance needs.

PermaTherm's structural insulating panels (with EPS rigid foam insulation cores) are designed to carry specified total loads, with maximum computed buckling stress not to exceed the maximum allowable buckling stress of the facings.

The inside face of all panels must be cut at girt attachments to avoid compression bucking of the exterior skin.

Wherever interior panel skins are extended to the outside (warm side) surface, a thermal break must be cut to avoid thermal conductivity.

Block panel packages should be stored above ground to keep out of water and on a sloped surface to provide drainage.