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Going “Green” With Metal Building Panels: Environmentally-Friendly Building Materials

PermaTherm’s environmentally-friendly building materials, such as our eco-building wall panels, address some of the most pressing concerns that we face about the environment: pollution and energy consumption. Often, when individuals attempt to combat the rising energy costs of a building, many people attempt to determine how much power the building uses, including heating/cooling systems and lighting. However, many individuals do not realize that they should not merely focus on how to manage the building; rather, they should emphasize how to make the building itself more efficient.

Our environmentally-friendly building materials help create metal building systems that perform better than buildings fabricated from traditional construction materials. Our green building panels create a high-performance-fueled environment that requires less energy than traditional buildings, meaning that people will not need to use heating/cooling systems as much to maintain desired temperatures.

PermaTherm has helped the industry create high-performance building systems for over 25 years, with green building panels that impact the environment positively. Our environmentally-friendly building materials decrease the overall energy demand of a building – not just on the day it was sold, but for the rest of its operating life.

PermaTherm’s Insulated Eco-Building Wall Panels

PermaTherm’s eco-building wall panels do not contain CFCs or HCFCs in our manufacturing process or in our materials, as we strive to provide an array of environmentally-friendly building materials for our clients.

Our green building panels are safe and incredibly environmentally-friendly, as they are either recyclable or are made from recycled content. Many competing panel products are not recyclable; instead, the waste is sent to landfills. PermaTherm cares -- our green building panels are custom-made to order, so there is never any on-the-job waste.

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