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CAD Drawings and Specifications for Ripening Rooms

PermaTherm’s advanced insulated metal panels are ideal for pressured ripening rooms and pre-coolers, boasting high R-value polystyrene cores that do not lose thermal resistance over time. Utilizing our USDA- and CFIA-approved structurally insulated metal panels for innovative ripening room design enables you to effectively control and monitor the amount of ethylene you require to ripen fruit without leaking or releasing gas unintentionally. This will save time and energy, improving your results.

Browse our ripening room resources below to learn how you can use our customizable insulated metal panels for your next project.

Download CAD Drawings and Specifications for Ripening Room Design

Download PermaTherm’s free engineering and architectural resources for ripening room design. Our CAD drawings and specifications for ripening rooms are all available in PDF format, enabling you to quickly and easily download our resources and add them to existing projects.

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To learn more about downloading our ripening room resources, call us toll-free at 877-650-4543 or contact PermaTherm online. Tell us about your ripening rooms; we’ll be happy to help with any challenges you may face regarding ripening room design.

PermaTherm has been supplying insulated metal panels for various building applications for over 25 years. These are commonly used attachment details and specifications which have been utilized over the years. PermaTherm makes no representation or warranty as to the applicability of these details to your specific project. To completely assure applicability to your project, your design engineer should be consulted. PermaTherm can provide contacts to third-party engineers familiar with its panel products if required.