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CAD Resources for Metal Storage Buildings

PermaTherm’s highly thermally-efficient insulated metal panels are versatile, and can be used as cost-effective alternatives to traditional building materials for non-cold metal storage buildings. No matter what your application may be, our customizable structural insulated panels are ideal for metal building design – our metal panel design is not limited by thickness constraints, and we can create panels up to 12 inches thick, if desired. Additionally, our metal insulated panels are extremely strong and durable, with the ability to withstand strong winds and extreme elements.

We want to help you streamline the metal building design process – browse and download our CAD drawings and specifications below for non-cold metal storage buildings.

Download PDFs and Specifications for Non-Cold Metal Building Design

We have an array of non-cold metal building design CAD drawings and specifications available in convenient PDF format, enabling you to easily combine these resources with existing architectural documents. PermaTherm’s engineering and architectural resources for non-cold metal storage buildings are all free to download:

Click to Download Specification:
Click to Download CAD Drawings:

For questions about specific non-cold metal storage buildings projects, or to learn more about our metal building design specifications, contact PermaTherm online or call us toll-free at 877-650-4543. We’ll be happy to help you solve any project challenges you may face.

PermaTherm has supplied Insulated metals panels for various building applications for over 25 years. These are commonly used Attachment details and specifications which have been utilized over the years. PermaTherm makes no representation or warranty as to the applicability of these details to your specific project. To completely assure applicability to your project your design engineer should be consulted. PermaTherm can provide contacts to third party engineers familiar with its panel products if required.