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CAD Drawings for Clean Room Design

PermaTherm’s insulated metal panels can be utilized for many applications, including clean room design. Our FRP and Metal SIPs provide contractors and designers with an environment that will meet all clean room specifications and standards. PermaTherm's clean room panels are a variation of our standard metal and FRP SIPs and are manufactured with special coatings to ensure a smooth finish, preventing the collection of contaminants. In addition, our panel joining system minimizes cracks and spaces between panels where dirt can normally accumulate in a clean room. Not only are the panels resistant to mold and corrosion, they can also withstand frequent cleanings and are USDA and CFIA approved for clean rooms.

Download CAD Drawings and Clean Room Specifications

Below, you will find CAD drawings featuring our metal SIPs that will help uphold all necessary clean room specifications. These PDF documents will assist you during the clean room design process, whether your project calls for modular clean rooms or clean buildings.

Click to Download Specification:

Click to Download CAD Drawings:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us toll-free at 877-650-4543 to learn more about our clean room design capabilities and to discover why our metal SIPs are top-ranked in the industry. You can also contact PermaTherm online with any questions or concerns about clean room projects.

PermaTherm has been supplying insulated metal panels for various building applications for over 25 years. These are commonly used attachment details and specifications which have been utilized over the years. PermaTherm makes no representation or warranty as to the applicability of these details to your specific project. To completely assure applicability to your project, your design engineer should be consulted. PermaTherm can provide contacts to third-party engineers familiar with its panel products if required.