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PermaTherm’s CAD Engineering Resources

PermaTherm’s CAD engineering resources include specification sheets and an extensive library of CAD drawings for our architectural metal panels. We want to make it easier for you to design and install highly thermally efficient metal building systems, so we encourage you to download any of our architectural resources for your metal building plans that may help you fulfill your job requirements.

In addition to designing and manufacturing high-performing architectural metal panels, we also manufacture all of the attachment and trim components that you may need for your specific projects. If you have any questions about how a piece will work for your application, or if you need assistance in downloading any of our CAD engineering and architectural resources, call us toll-free at 706-623-0530.

Architectural Metal Panels and Metal Building Plans

Below, we have compiled a variety of architectural resources for our architectural metal panels for your metal building plans to facilitate the design and construction process, including:

CAD Drawings: PermaTherm includes an extensive array of downloadable CAD drawings for various types of applications, including ceilings, coolers, drying rooms and equipment shelters. Simply select the type of project you’re working on and download our CAD engineering and architectural resources instantly.

Specification Sheets: Read the specification sheets for our architectural metal panels, and learn about our performance requirements, quality assurance standards, product conditions, warranty information and more. All of our architectural resources are downloadable, enabling you to streamline the design process and find the information you need.

If you have a question about downloading our CAD engineering resources, please contact our insulated metal panel manufacturing company online or call us toll-free at 706-623-0530.

PermaTherm has been supplying insulated metal panels for various building applications for over 25 years. These are commonly used attachment details and specifications which have been utilized over the years. PermaTherm makes no representation or warranty as to the applicability of these details to your specific project. To completely assure applicability to your project, your design engineer should be consulted. PermaTherm can provide contacts to third-party engineers familiar with its panel products, if required.