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Metal Panel Details

At PermaTherm, we want your project to run smoothly; that’s why we’ve provided links to our useful and informative metal panel details. Below, you will find a comprehensive collection of panel attachment specifications and details that we have uploaded to aid you and your team throughout the installation process of our durable, highly rated metal SIPs. To view one of our panel details, simply search by category and click on the corresponding link.

Additional Panel Attachment Resources

The following panel attachment details will serve as a convenient resource throughout your project, whether it may involve freezer construction, thermally efficient drying room installation, or the design of a weatherproof equipment shelter. In addition to the links to our metal panel details, we’ve assembled helpful engineering resources such as CAD drawings and specifications that are associated with the following applications:

If you have questions about our panel attachments and other resources, or if you’d like to speak with our team about your project, please contact PermaTherm online or call us at our toll-free number.

PermaTherm has been supplying insulated metals panels for various building applications for more than 25 years. These are commonly used panel attachments that have been utilized over the years. PermaTherm makes no representation or warranty as to the applicability of these panel details to your specific project. To completely assure applicability to your project, your design engineer should be consulted. We can provide contacts to third-party engineers who are familiar with our panel products if required.