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PermaTherm’s Walkable Insulated Ceiling Panels

PermaTherm's walkable insulated ceiling panels are made with expanded polystyrene insulation laminated with steel, which provides powerful structural integrity. The structural properties of our walkable metal ceiling system make it suitable for walkable ceiling and roof applications where pedestrian traffic and mechanical abuse are common.

Our walkable ceiling panels are incredibly strong and easy to install, and our continuous laminating line can manufacture our advanced insulated ceiling panels in any desired length or thickness, fitting each job's specific tolerance needs.

And nothing comes close to matching PermaTherm's suspended ceiling panels’ energy-saving properties. Offered in a variety of thicknesses between two and 12 inches (5 to 31 cm), our walkable ceiling panels offer unsurpassed thermal efficiency, providing the lowest cost-per-R of any similar panel product. With our advanced metal ceiling system, you save money today and tomorrow.

Our insulated ceiling panels are superior to any other similar panel product on the market, and here’s why:

  • Fast construction. PermaTherm’s thermally efficient metal ceiling system can be constructed much faster than general construction times due to our simple “tongue-and-groove” design that reduces thermal bridging (heat loss) and facilitates the ease of installation.
  • Green value. Our suspended ceiling panels are custom-made to order, so there is no on-the-job waste. Additionally, our thermally efficient ceiling system creates a low energy demand, and our exterior metal and interior core material are either made from recycled content or are entirely recyclable.
  • Rapid lead times. PermaTherm’s lead times are among the fastest in our industry. Often, customers will have to wait two to three months to receive an order of insulated ceiling panels from our competitors, but PermaTherm’s lead times are fast, helping you stay on time and on a budget!
  • Highest R-value available. Our suspended ceiling panels are the most economically efficient, high-performance structural insulated panels on the market. We are not limited by the same thickness constraints that many of our competitors are, allowing us to provide more R-value for your ceiling system.

Still have questions? Find out more by contacting PermaTherm online to learn more about our insulated ceiling panels. Additionally, we also sell an extensive array of panel accessories and attachment details, foam packs and floor/ceiling connectors, eliminating the need to contact a third-party vendor to create a high-performance metal ceiling system.

We Can Help You Design a Thermally Efficient Metal Ceiling System

PermaTherm can custom-engineer a walkable metal ceiling system for your application to meet even the most demanding project requirements. Exterior skins are available in many prefinished skin colors and fabricated out of your choice of stainless steel and galvanized steel. Whether insulated wall panels, floor panels, insulated ceiling panels or metal roofing panels are required, PermaTherm can provide the ideal customized solution.

Call PermaTherm's toll-free number to learn more about our thermally efficient insulated ceiling panels or to find out more about the benefits of fabricating a walkable metal ceiling system. Our customer service representatives are waiting to provide you with walkable ceiling panels and the best performance package available.