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PermaTherm’s External Skins and Metal Panel Textures

PermaTherm has a variety of external metal panel textures, skins, laminate options and surface profiles to help you customize our highly thermally-efficient metal insulated panels. Choose from the metal panel options below!

Insulated Metal Panel Options: Steel, Galvalume or FRP Finishes

Our metal SIPs come in an array of metal panel textures, laminates and more. When you place an order with us, you can choose whether you’d like your SIPs fabricated out of:
  • Stainless steel: This is the most wear-resistant among all of the metal finishes, as this is the toughest and most durable, ideal for the most harsh applications or for any industry that requires a stainless-steel finish.
  • Galvalume: Galvalume has a variety of benefits, including resisting rust, elements and fire, as well as corrosion - this sturdy metal finish adds zinc to the coating of the metal for increased corrosion resistance!
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP): This sturdy plastic skin is laced with fiberglass strands, providing protection against corrosion and rust, making it an ideal finish for food service applications or chemical wash-down areas! This finish comes in smooth or embossed.

Metal Panel Laminates

Once you’ve chosen your exterior material, PermaTherm offers a variety of metal panel finishes that can be applied to our products. These metal panel options include:
  • Siliconized polyester AzkoNobel finish: High-quality paint applied to all of our metal SIPs; comes with a 25-year warranty from AzkoNobel for exterior surfaces.
  • High-Performance Kynar®: For a higher-gloss finish, the Kynar® paint system provides a resin-based architectural insulated metal panel coating that also comes with a 25-year exterior paint warranty.
  • Plastisol coating: This thick plastic coating is four millimeters thick and is more durable in harsher environments!

Metal Panel Textures

PermaTherm’s exterior skins can be applied in the following metal panel textures:
  • Embossed: If a texture is not specified, all of our panels will arrive with an embossed, stucco texture.
  • Smooth: This option is available for those who prefer to have a flat, smooth metal texture over the top of our SIPs.

Surface Profiles

Once you’ve chosen your skins, laminates and metal panel textures, you can also choose from two surface profiles:
  • Shadowline: These lines appear every four inches and provide a beautiful linear siding.
  • Plain: These panels will have a smooth look, without shadowline.
With an additional wide variety of baked metal panel colors and coating options to suit your applications, PermaTherm’s customization options are designed to suit the unique needs of your application! Questions? Call and ask for “panel sales” or fill out our short online form to speak to our skilled team – we’ll help you customize the panels you need to create a high-performance package that fits the aesthetics of your application!