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The PermaTherm Advantage: Metal Building Construction

PermaTherm’s metal building construction is comprised of highly thermally-efficient insulated wall systems that are fabricated from the best metal insulated panels on the market. Buildings fabricated with our insulated metal wall systems experience enhanced thermal-insulating performance and reduced costs of commercial or any type of metal building construction, thus improving the quality, durability, environmental efficiency and affordability of constructing most types of metal building systems.

Let PermaTherm help you create a high-performance building with structural insulated panels to help you save energy and money and reduce construction time. We have everything you need for metal building construction, as we are able to provide you with a wide range of panel accessories and attachment devices, including cold storage doors, eliminating the need to procure these items from a third-party vendor.

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PermaTherm’s Advanced Insulated Wall Systems

Our insulated wall systems are easy to install, ensuring that you stay on time and on budget. PermaTherm is able to help you with customized metal building construction – just come to us with your application and we will help design a tailor-made building with structural insulated panels to fit your budget and your project requirements. Let us help!

Other benefits of our metal building construction include:

  • Unique tongue, groove and spline systems make our insulated wall systems easy to install, ensuring tight connections without thermal shorts;
  • Structural insulated panels are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses between 2 inches and 12 inches, allowing achievement of very high R-values;
  • PermaTherm’s panel accessories and attachment details ensure tight seams between any configuration or angle of walls, roofs and floors;
  • Our metal building construction includes an array of options for installing siding when different aesthetic looks are desired;
  • PermaTherm's continuous laminating line can manufacture panels in any desired length and to each job’s specific needs;
  • Structural panels up to 60 feet long can accommodate high structures and/or broad spans;
  • The high strength and structural integrity of our insulated metal wall systems minimize requirements of the interior steel grid;
  • PermaTherm’s metal panels are lightweight, and are easy to ship, store and handle;
  • Our insulated wall systems will not rot, mold, or decay;
  • PermaTherm’s insulated metal wall systems can be manufactured with recycled content, and are recyclable;
  • No CFCs or HCFCs are utilized in the manufacturing processing, achieving either zero or very low ODP and GWP;
  • PermaTherm’s metal SIPs are impervious to moisture and weather and do not require additional siding or vapor barriers;
  • PermaTherm’s insulated wall systems facilitate achieving green metal building construction standards and attainment of LEEDs credits.

Let us help you create the highest performance package available. Our customer representatives are waiting to speak to you about the benefits of PermaTherm’s metal building construction. Call us toll-free at 877-650-4543 and learn why our insulated wall systems are the best in the industry.