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Residential Metal Buildings: Insulated Metal Panels (Metal SIPs)

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Structural metal insulated panels (metal SIPs) have been used for decades because they provide an inherent combination of insulation and structural integrity, making the construction of residential metal buildings easier and faster. Increasing energy costs in past years have appropriately focused our attention on green buildings (including structural insulated panel homes, green homes, and prefab or modular homes).

PermaTherm’s residential metal SIPs utilize metal as the laminate rather than most structural insulated panels that use OSB or other wood derivatives. Because we fabricate an insulated building panel that utilizes metal as the laminate, we have eliminated the problems inherent in wood laminates, such as absorption of moisture and ultimate decay.

PermaTherm's energy-efficient composite insulated metal panels are produced by laminating steel over high-quality polystyrene, resulting in lighter, more durable insulated panels suitable for residential metal SIPs. They do not require additional membranes to achieve impermeability to water and are fully recommended for exterior use. Metal SIPs are additionally superior to the conventional wood-based SIPs in a number of ways, including the fact that they are fabricated much lighter.

Traditional metal SIPs typically utilize OSB laminates glued over polystyrene core insulation. Fortunately, PermaTherm’s advanced insulated metal panel systems do not use OSB SIPs because they are heavy, require wood framing, absorb moisture, require vapor barriers, and must also include siding for weatherproofing.

We can help you create advanced panel homes with low-energy demand, consistently saving you money on heating, cooling and energy bills every month. Contact our insulated metal panels manufacturing company online to learn more about our residential metal buildings.

Structural Insulated Panel Homes

Why should you construct structural insulated panel homes?

  • Our residential metal buildings are environmentally friendly. Because our advanced insulated metal panels are custom-made to order, there is no on-the-job waste. Additionally, our structural insulated panel homes have a lower energy demand than normal homes, and our exterior metal and interior core materials are either recyclable or made from recycled content.
  • Fast construction times. Our insulated metal panels join together in a “tongue-and-groove” design, allowing us to construct residential metal buildings much more rapidly than general construction times. For instance, if you were to frame a house with normal construction, it would take a week. If the same crew was using our panels to construct the same frame, it would take approximately one day and a half. Save time and money with our advanced structural insulated panels!
  • Our panels create durable, strong residential metal SIPs. There is no stronger panel on the market. Panel homes constructed from our advanced architectural insulated panels will be fabricated from a 26-gauge steel, ensuring that your home will be better protected from hazardous winds or other environmental extremes.
  • We can help you design your structural insulated panel homes. Simply come to us with your requirements, and our customer service representatives will ensure that we create the perfect residential metal SIPs to meet your needs.

Our customer service representatives are waiting to tell you about the benefits of constructing residential metal buildings. Call us at our toll-free number to learn more about structural insulated panel homes.