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PermaTherm’s Metal Panel Systems: Products

PermaTherm provides a variety of thermally-efficient metal panel systems for numerous applications, including cold storage, commercial, food, pharmaceutical, retail, and agriculture. Each of our insulated panels for building is customizable, made with high R-value polystyrene cores and a choice of steel or FRP skins to meet the unique needs of your application.

We provide the best metal panel systems on the market, and here’s why:

  • R-values that last you for the life of your building. They do not degrade over time. No other similar panels can offer permanent R-values.
  • We offer more R-value than any other panel on the market. Our high-performance metal panel systems are offered at up to 12 inches thick, more than any other competitor in our industry.
  • Strength and durability. PermaTherm’s insulated panels for building are fabricated from 26 gauge steel, allowing us to reinforce the structure of any type of metal building.
  • Fast construction times. With our “tongue-and-groove” installation design, our panel systems are constructed much more rapidly than normal construction times, saving you time and money.
  • Green value. Our environmentally-friendly panel systems are either recyclable or are made from recycled content. Additionally, our insulated metal panels are custom-made to order, meaning there is no on-the-job waste!
  • Rapid lead times. You won’t have to wait two or three months to receive our unique insulated panels for building – PermaTherm’s lead times are among the fastest available. Expect to receive your insulated metal panels quickly.

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Insulated Panels for Building

Our highly thermally-efficient metal panel systems are versatile and customizable for any type of building application. Let our customer representatives help you decide which of our durable, environmentally-friendly insulated panels for building are the right fit for your application. We care – we want to provide you with the best performance package available, so we will consistently stay on-budget and will take into account your lead times, color choices and other project requirements.

We provide a number of thermally-efficient panels for building, including but not limited to:

Peruse our site to find out more about the types of innovative metal panel systems and panel accessories we provide. Call us toll-free at 877-650-4543 – we can provide you with the best performance package available.