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Insulated Metal Panel Building Systems

PermaTherm’s panel building systems are the superior insulated metal building systems in both the short term and the long term.

Our structurally insulated sandwich panels are a cost-effective alternative to simple metal panels over a steel grid that may only include insulation as an afterthought. This is because the design of our structural metal insulated panels, combined with our unique approach to fabricating insulated panel building systems, reduces construction costs.

PermaTherm’s insulated sandwich panels are better than any similar panel product on the market, and here’s why:

  • We provide more R-value than our competitors. Our insulated sandwich panels are not limited by competitors’ thickness constraints, and we are able to create customizable structural insulated panels from 2 – 12 inches thick! All of our thermally efficient insulated metal panels offer the lowest cost-per-inch of R available.
  • Our insulated metal panels have high R-values that do not decrease over time.
  • Fast construction times. We are able to construct panel building systems quickly and with ease – thanks to our insulated sandwich panels’ advanced “tongue-and-groove” design.
  • Environmentally friendly. Our insulated metal panels are custom-made to order, so there is never any on-the-job waste. What’s more, our panel building systems have a very low energy demand, and our exterior metal and interior core materials are either recyclable or made from recycled content.
  • Rapid lead times. Our competitors may take up to 2 - 3 months to ship your insulated sandwich panels. PermaTherm’s lead times are some of the fastest available, allowing you to fabricate your insulated metal building systems faster.

Additionally, PermaTherm provides a comprehensive array of panel accessories including attachment details and suspended ceiling systems, eliminating the need to procure materials from a third-party vendor. We have everything you need to create high-performance panel building systems. Contact our insulated metal panel manufacturing company online, and let us help you create high-performance insulated panel building systems for your application.

Advanced Insulated Sandwich Panels

PermaTherm's modular insulated sandwich panels typically use high R-value polystyrene cores with steel skins, although alternative mineral wool cores and FRP skins are available. PermaTherm's metal SIPs facilitate low-cost construction of energy-efficient green building construction and panel building systems for commercial, meat, food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, retail and even zero-energy residential metal buildings.

Our insulated panel building systems are ideal for retail, commercial, and residential applications including cold storage warehouses and food processing, making it easy to attain LEEDs credits.

PermaTherm’s sales and customer service representatives will ensure that we can provide the best building envelope for your application. Come to us with your job requirements, and we can help you design high-performance panel building systems within your budget and timeframe. Call our toll-free number to learn why our insulated sandwich panels are the best in the industry.