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Architectural Insulated Panels: Insulated Metal Panels

architectural insulated panels

PermaTherm’s architectural insulated panels provide architects and building owners with unmatched flexibility for a broad range of applications. Our architectural and structural insulated panel systems are custom-engineered to meet the demanding architectural and aesthetic requirements while adding structural and thermal integrity.

The variety of exterior skins and internal core combinations can be blended to accommodate nearly any facility’s need. We are continuously innovating our architectural insulated panels, utilizing computer-assisted design and manufacturing and strict quality control, to ensure that our clients will experience flawless construction and superior insulating quality from our structural insulated panel systems.

Additionally, PermaTherm’s architectural metal wall panels are incredibly strong, lightweight and easy to install, and nothing comes close to matching the energy-saving properties of our architectural insulated panel systems. Our advanced insulated metal panels are better than any similar panel product available; contact PermaTherm online to find out how we can provide the best performance package for your application.

Architectural and Structural Insulated Panel Systems

Over the past 20 years, PermaTherm has developed advanced insulated panel building systems comprised of non-conventional architectural insulated panels with more R-value than any other. Additionally, our structural insulated panel systems are durable as they are fabricated from structural steel, allowing our panels to reinforce the structure of any type of metal building system.

PermaTherm’s architectural metal wall panels are not limited by the thickness constraints that our competitors experience. We are able to offer our clients architectural insulated panels manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, from 2 – 12 inches. The different spans allow for the specific R-values and K-values required for any application. Our continuous laminating line can manufacture panels in any desired length, ensuring that we can create structural insulated panel systems that meet each job’s specific tolerance needs.

Our sales and customer service representatives will ensure that you are provided with the best building envelope for your application, taking into account your lead times, exterior skins and interior core preferences. You also won’t have to wait two to three months to receive our architectural insulated panels. Our lead times are among the fastest in the industry, ensuring that you can stay on budget and on time!

Call PermaTherm's toll-free number to learn more about the benefits of our structural insulated panel systems. Our customer service representatives are waiting to talk to you about our durable, advanced architectural insulated panels.