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Insulated FRP Panels

PermaTherm's insulated FRP panels (fiberglass reinforced panels) refer to a fiberglass-skinned panel versus the metal-skinned products. FRP skinned panels are not structural but are often specified for frequent wash-down areas as the plastic skins stand up to frequent wash-down cycles and chemical cleanser use.

We can supply these insulated FRP panels, when required, with a variety of core thicknesses to meet your insulation requirements. Oftentimes, a structural element is required in the same processing area. In this case, PermaTherm’s Plastisol Coated metal panels are both structural, insulating and stand up to the same abuse that fiberglass reinforced panels do. Many times, Plastisol Coated panels are more economical than FRP panels as the raw materials are a considerably higher in cost than structural steel-skinned panels. All of PermaTherm’s insulated metal panel products give engineers, contractors, and building owners unmatched flexibility for whatever their applications require.

PermaTherm’s insulated FRP panels for wall construction utilize thermally efficient polystyrene rigid foam insulation cores laminated with an FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) skin.

Fiberglass Reinforced Panels: Composite Materials

PermaTherm's fiberglass reinforced panels are custom-engineered to meet the most demanding project requirements. These insulated FRP panels have exterior skins prefinished in an array of skin colors and textures.

EPS Rigid Foam Insulation

Our FRP panels also benefit from PermaTherm’s energy-saving properties, in which required high R-values are achieved from EPS insulation cores. Mineral wool insulation is available for fire-resistant applications. Offered in a variety of thicknesses between 2 and 12 inches (5 to 31 cm), these insulated FRP panels minimize thermal bridging and offer unsurpassed thermal efficiency, providing the lowest cost-per-R of any similar panel product. With PermaTherm’s metal panel systems, you save money today and tomorrow.

Excellent Customer Service

PermaTherm’s customer service representatives are able to provide you with the best performance package available. Simply come to us with your application, and we will help you design the best insulated metal building for your needs. We can answer any questions you may have about our fiberglass reinforced panels. Let us help you stay on budget; order our high-quality insulated FRP panels today and experience our high R-values, durability and fast construction times.

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