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Fire Rated Mineral Wool Panels

PermaTherm fire rated mineral wool panels are made of mineral wool insulated cores. We offer mineral wool panels that produce a one-hour to three-hour fire ratings and are listed with UL, Underwriters Laboratories. This independent safety organization has been around for many years established in product testing. The UL mark is a symbol of trust and safety that our fire rated wool panels have obtained. PermaTherm’s mineral wool panels can be used as partition walls, fire demising walls and barriers inside facilities with high occupancy in any industry applications where required.

In addition to having high resistance to fire, these panels have good thermal insulation performance with a high R-value. Mineral wool panels have excellent sound deadening properties, offering a notable reduction in airborne sound transfers. Other meaningful qualities of fire rated mineral panels are listed below:

  • Made with non-combustible materials that withstand temperatures higher than 1800-2000˚F.
  • Can effectively prevent the spread of fire without any chemical additives.
  • Contains up to 75% post-industrial recycled content
  • Have excellent thermal and acoustic insulating values

PermaTherm offers architects and engineers an opportunity to create projects that protect people, properties and equipment from fire hazards with customizable fire rated mineral panels. We offer a variety of surface coatings such as: Ceram-a-Star, Plastisol, and Trinar. Permatherm panels offer a wide spectrum of thicknesses and lengths to help meet specific design criteria.  We also make sure to include the integrated joint assemblies for architecturally demanding metal building systems.

Our environmentally friendly fire rated panels are prefabricated, in an effort to mediate job site waste. 

Where Can Our Fire Rated Mineral Panels be Applied?

  • Interior - Demising Walls, Partitions, and Ceilings
  • High-Risk Chemical Processing Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Packing and Distribution Centers
  • Food and Beverage Processing Plants
  • Factories and Offices
  • Supermarkets and Fast Food Restaurants
  • Indoor Grow Facilities

Give us a call to find out more about our fire rated mineral wool panels and what we can do for you. PermaTherm is here to help you with your project needs.