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Fired-Rated Mineral Wool Panels

What is Mineral Wool?

Mineral wool is an insulating product created from molten rock, spun together into a fiber-like material much like the formation of traditional wool.  Like traditional lamb’s wool, the fibrous structure of mineral wool makes an excellent insulator. 

Not only does mineral wool offer protection from severe temperatures and fire, like inside furnaces, foundries, and kilns but it also acts as a padding against loud noise. Because of it’s unique insulating properties, mineral wool is an effective solution for insulating temperature-controlled environments as well as noise abatement situations.  

PermaTherm’s Mineral Wool Panels

PermaTherm’s standard line of panel systems, our Series 1, 2, and 3 panel systems, are generally used in conjuncture with additional fire suppression systems. Our mineral wool panels, however, are naturally fire-resistant. Because mineral wool is made from basalt, a dark volcanic rock formed from the cooling of lava, it doesn’t burn! Mineral wool panels can be created to fit any length necessary and are available in a selection of colors and textures to best suit the aesthetic of your design. 

In addition to fire resistance, our fire-rated mineral wool panels offer: fire rated panels

  • Excellent thermal insulation performance and high R-Values
  • Non-combustible materials that withstand temperatures higher than 1800-2000˚F
  • Security for people, property, and plants in the event of fire
  • Sound reduction properties against airborne sound transfer

Our Fire-Rated Mineral Wool Panel Systems and Packages

Just like our standard galvalume panel systems, our mineral wool panels are part of an entire system, including:

  • Up to 75% post-industrial recycled content
  • A high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Variety of panel widths, thicknesses, and lengths
  • Availability in an assortment of surface coatingSilicon-protected polyester
  • Plastisol
  • Polyvinylidene Fluoride Resin
  • Integrated joint assemblies
  • Can effectively prevent the spread of fire without any chemical additives.

Underwriter Laboratories

Since the early 2000s, PermaTherm has been manufacturing fire-resistant mineral wool panels with a one-hour fire rating. 

Our panels are tested and listed with Underwriters Laboratories, the largest independent, non-profit testing laboratory in the world. UL conducts product safety tests on a wide range of products, delivering trust, security, and confidence to consumers. 

PermaTherm’s mineral wool panels meet UL standards to be used for internal walls, most often utilized inside industrial warehouses and manufacturing spaces where individual rooms must share common walls.

Fire-Rated Mineral Wool Panel Applications

In addition to conventional controlled-environment spaces, our fire-rated mineral wool panels have been utilized for applications subject to high-temperature processing. 

PermaTherm’s fire-rated mineral wool panels make excellent liner panels in: fiberglass panels

  • curing facilities and kilns
  • furnaces and foundries
  • equipment rooms and warehouse storage
  • high-risk chemical and food processing plants
  • military field shelters
  • disaster and emergency refuges

Mineral Wool Panel Fabrication

As with every PermaTherm product, our fire-rated mineral wool panels are created with quality and performance in mind. Our eco-friendly fire-rated panels are prefabricated, lessening excess wasted job time as well as physical on-site waste.

Special care is taken to cure every mineral wool core to maximize strength and stability.  Each has been cut with advanced CNC equipment and then laminated with our PermaTherm proprietary laminating process to create the best fire-rated mineral wool panels. We guarantee that our fire-rated mineral panels will perform for your next construction project. 

Looking for more information? Let’s talk about your fire-rated panel needs! Give us a call and we can share our experience and knowledge with you so you can feel confident with your project.