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Energy-Efficient Building Renovations with PermaTherm Panels

If you plan to perform building renovations on an existing structure, the energy-saving properties of PermaTherm's Energy Retrofit and Reconstruction panels can’t be beaten. For a variety of applications, conducting energy retrofits with our metal SIPs can benefit your bottom line, thus increasing the efficiency and sustainability of your operation. Here are just a few benefits to metal panel building renovations with PermaTherm:

  • Our metal panel retrofits will facilitate the achievement of green building construction standards and LEEDs credits.
  • In comparison to the construction of new, thermally efficient buildings, retrofitting with our SIPs is extremely cost-effective.
  • Our panels are impervious to moisture and weather without additional vapor barriers, making them perfect for building renovations to cold storage applications.
  • The unique tongue-and-groove design makes them easy to retrofit over or within existing buildings.
  • Panels are available up to 60 feet in length, accommodating energy retrofits of tall structures and broad spans.
  • Our panel accessories and attachment details ensure airtight seams between any configuration of walls, roofs, and floors.

With an array of metal panel textures, laminates and more, we can ensure your building renovations meet your aesthetic needs. Call 877-650-4543or fill out our short online form to reach our team for more information.

The Cost of Energy Retrofits vs. New Structures

Energy retrofits on an existing building can seem like a costly venture. However, many applications and businesses are in need of thermal efficiency, moisture and humidity control, as well as airtight seals. When you consider the cost of constructing an insulated building from scratch, there is no comparison; a new project could cost millions of dollars while building renovations of a similar structure using our panels would only run a fraction of the cost. With PermaTherm panels, you can renovate an existing warehouse and achieve the same cooler efficiency and green building standards as an entirely new structure while saving millions. All you really need to do is find a decent “shell” of a building, and our expert team can handle the rest! We’ll customize the panels to fit your needs, outfitting exterior walls, as well as the ceiling, floors, and interior walls, if necessary. Choose what’s best for your bottom line; energy retrofits using our metal SIPs are extremely economical for many applications. Call PermaTherm today at 877-650-4543or fill out our short online form to learn more about how insulated metal panel renovations can benefit your business’ next big project!