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PermaTherm’s Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

PermaTherm is a leading manufacturer of metal insulated panels for pre-engineered metal buildings and pipe/vessel insulation systems. Aside from offering highly thermally-efficient insulated building panels, we also provide panel accessories and detail attachments for our clients, eliminating the need for a third-party vendor.

PermaTherm was founded in 1987 and we have spent over 25 years problem-solving, refining, and improving our metal building panels and pre-engineered metal building envelopes. Our team is comprised of individuals who care about the advancement of our company and our partners and clients. We are excited about every challenge that comes our way.

Our insulated building panels manufacturing facilities is comprised of 100,000 square feet, allowing us to manufacture all of our own components, including the insulation material itself. PermaTherm does not rely on third-party vendors for the materials that we deliver to our customers. We control all of our processes, and we are able to help you design the best pre-engineered metal buildings for your applications. Simply come to us with your job requirements and our customer service representatives can help you design high-performance modular metal building systems.

Contact PermaTherm online to learn more about our thermally-efficient metal building panels or to inquire about any panel accessories you may require.

Cost-Effective Insulated Building Panels

PermaTherm isn’t simply an insulated building panels manufacturing company – our mission statement is to advance the growth of our company, its associates and our clients. We want all of our clients to prosper from their partnership in the fabrication of our pre-engineered metal buildings, which are comprised of thermally-efficient, durable metal building panels.

Our insulated building panels are simply the best panel product on the market, and here’s why:

  • We offer our metal building panels at the lowest cost-per-inch of R available.
  • Pre-engineered metal buildings, constructed from our panels, are strong, safe, secure, and can be fabricated with thicknesses to withstand extreme environmental hazards, like hurricanes!
  • Our insulated building panels are environmentally-friendly, as they are either recyclable or are made entirely from recycled parts.
  • PermaTherm’s pre-engineered metal buildings can be constructed extremely quickly – much faster than traditional construction times. This will help you stay on-time and within your budgetary constraints.

We are not an average insulated building panels manufacturing company – we care. Let us design a high-performance building envelope for your application. Call us toll-free at to learn more about our pre-engineered metal buildings and modular metal building systems.

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269 Industrial Park Road
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