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Why PermaTherm?

We are the Insulated Metal Panel experts! We have been helping customers with their cold storage construction and controlled environment expansion needs for over 30 years, providing much more than just panels. We want to bring all that experience to you. We will help you complete your cooler, freezer, or any other cold room project on time and at an affordable price.

What can we do for you?

Not only do we manufacture Insulated Metal Panels, we also specialize in making your controlled environment expansion understandable, affordable, and most of all successful to you.
From referring Cold Room design builds to recommendations of refrigeration equipment suppliers, if you need a structural steel provider or an under floor heat system to prevent ice buildup- PermaTherm has experience helping companies like yours with it all and can do it for you!

How do we do it?

PermaTherm is dedicated to helping you through the entire process. We provide consultations and recommendations throughout your entire project- so your application and installation are completed without a hitch.

We provide references for insulated panel packages, advice on cold storage construction, referrals for experienced installation contractors, cost estimations for your overall project, and free access to PermaTherm's experienced cold storage construction partners.

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Applications for Rooms
  1. Cold Storage
  2. Freezer & Cooler
  3. Blast Freezers
  4. Grow Rooms
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Processing Applications
  1. Meat Processing Facilities
  2. Poultry Processing Plants
  3. Fruit & Produce Processing
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Cold Storage Applications
  1. Cooler and Freezer Warehouses
  2. Walk-In Coolers
  3. Cold Storage Expansion
  4. Large Food Production Facilities
It’s Easy to Get Started.
You need help and we provide it! PermaTherm will consult with you on your every need.
If we don't provide the product or service ourselves, we can refer someone who does.
We offer so much more than Freezer Panels- we give you the information, resources, and the confidence you need to move forward with your project!
What makes us different?
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30+ years of Experience

We take all of our experience and apply it to your project. Permatherm has helped many large and small producers with their expansion needs. We work with you directly and not through a middle man. We bring the experience of the entire sales team, who have worked with hundreds of customers just like you. We can bring in experience on other trades to help you understand the scope and get it right.

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Hands-On planning

Our representatives will work with you, on and off-site, to create a custom project plan and quote that fully fits your needs and timeline. We work with you throughout the entire project to ensure your needs are being met. We help you come up with a plan from beginning to end- from consultation on installation, refrigeration HVAC, and timelines for completion.

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Full Service Build

Not only do we provide the insulated metal panel package- you will also gain insights towards an overall plan and a range for total cost potential. Whether you need a General Contractor, Contractor, Installer, or just a consultation for a self-install- we can make your project seamless; meeting your cost and time expectations. We provide you with all your answers so you can make an informed decision on your project.

Ronald J. Wrenn, CEO, 3 Fish Inc.
"I want to thank you for the professional integrity and energy you all put behind making sure we were satisfied with the work. I certainly appreciate the way this issue was handled…"
Andy Ruggiero, CEO, Bella Fresh
"We appreciate the efforts that you provided in helping us with our expansion. We had no idea how complex this process was but we trusted your guidance and it paid off. Thank you"
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