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Walk-In Freezers

What is a Walk-In Freezer?

A walk-in cooler behaves similarly to the freezer you have in your home, only on a much larger, industrial-sized scale. Walk-in freezers need to keep things cold - frozen, in fact! There is much more than meets the eye to walk-in freezers and the larger the scale the more complex. Essentially, walk in freezers are insulated spaces used for storing products and goods that would be negatively affected by varying external temperatures. Often used by food processing companies, walk-in freezers can be useful for many different  industrial applications  as well.

Walk-In Freezer Temperatures

Intended to provide stability for temperature-controlled environments, walk-in freezers maintain a thermal range between 32⁰F or less. PermaTherm has supplied freezer panels for facilities with operating ranges as low as -150⁰F

Walk-In Freezer Panels

Over the last 30 years, we have used our metal panels to insulate walk-in freezers across the country for entirely different applications with entirely different size specifications.  Assembled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores, our walk-in freezer panels are adaptable, with the capability of managing a variety of environmentally controlled facilities. We offer panels and panel packages for various scale walk-in freezers, establishing an environment that make it easy for products to be kept frozen while also reducing heat and energy loss.

Benefits of using EPS Insulated Metal Panels for Walk-In Freezers

  • They are strong, lightweight, and easy to install.
  • Structurally sound, they can increase the overall rigidity and durability of your structure.
  • They provide unparalleled energy-saving properties.
  • The offer permanent R-values over the course of their lifespan.
  • Our panels are highly efficient and environmentally sustainable.
  • Because we create them on site, they are available from 2 inches to 10 inches thick.
  • They are created with heat-reflective external finishes.
  • Easy to clean and washdown, our panels are coated with a USDA approved finish.
  • We offer customizations to fit the needs and requirements of your design specifications.

We produce our own expanded polystyrene, providing our customers with the optimum cost-to-value relationship and complete quality control assurance. Designed in a continuous manufacturing process, you can select your panel’s exterior skin to be manufactured in stainless steel, galvanized steel, and even fiberglass composites.

The advanced design strategy of our expanded polystyrene metal panels guarantees you will save on cost, and frustration, throughout the long-term lifespan of your facility. Our panels are painless to install, they simply slide into place, and are then easily secured to a steel superstructure, an existing façade, and any other building project you are completing.

When you purchase our panels, you also receive our entire base panel package.

Our Base Panel Packages Include: Permatherm walk in freezer

  1. 16 Gauge Base Channel 
  2. 26 Gauge Inside Angle 
  3. 26 Gauge Outside Angle 
  4. Exterior Perimeter Drip Edge Base Flashing (For exterior walls only) 
  5. “Handy Foam” Foam System 
  6. FSI Non-Skinning Butyl Caulk 
  7. Panel Screws 
  8. 10 Gauge Galvanized Splines (Exterior Walls Only) 
  9. Girt Clips (Exterior Walls Only) 
  10. “Peal and Seal Seam” Seal Tape 
  11. Aluminum Tee-Bar (Ceiling Applications) 
  12. Tee-Bar Connection Kit (Ceiling Applications) 
  13. 26 Gauge Flat Batten (Ceiling Applications) 
  14. Interior Wall Drip Edge Base Flashing (Grow Room Applications Only) 

We also offer additional trims items  as well as custom trims packages, an option that is priced based on the facility drawings and specifications. We can complete these requests through our metal fabrication shop.

Walk-In Freezer Applications

While walk-in freezers are most frequently seen in the food industry, our insulated freezer walls panels have been used in a wide range of industrial buildings. Our panels can be applied to safeguard the following projects and more:

  • Storage spaces for restaurants and food resellersPermatherm insulated walk in freezer
  • Freezing for seafood, beef, pork, and poultry for market
  • Flash-freezing for frozen dinners, meals, and vegetables
  • Walk-in storage for breads and bakeries 
  • Farmer’s markets and grocery stores
  • Dairy processing, including deserts and ice creameries
  • Microbreweries, distilleries, and other beverage plants
  • Pharmaceutical warehouses and medical labs

The potential usage for walk-in freezers is endless.

Walk-In Freezer Installation

Lightweight and easy to assemble, PermaTherm panels are designed to snap together for rapid installation. They have been intentionally designed to reduce thermal bridging, a phenomenon that causes unnecessary heat loss resulting in higher utility costs.  This strategic design element is critical to delivering an energy-efficient facility and eliminating moisture and ice buildup. 

Building a Walk-In Freezer

Our goal is to help you through your entire construction process, we don’t just ensure that your panels are made right, we want to ensure they are installed right as well. We want to provide you with everything necessary for a successful build.

At PermaTherm, we won’t let you forget:

  • Insulated Freezer Doors
  • Walkable Ceiling Advice 
  • Freezer Suspended Ceilings
  • Cold Storage Underfloor Insulation
  • Panel Trim and Accessories

We have a large network of installers, contractors, and industry specialists  at your disposal. PermaTherm has gathered a group of professionals who have perfected the walk-in freezer construction process for our insulated metal panels. From project take-off to the installation of the last panel, we can help ensure that every element of your new or existing construction has been well thought through. 

Insulated Freezer Panel Manufacturer

We have truly set ourselves apart from the competition, offering a holistic approach to our business model. We manufacture our products on site at our plant just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, assuring you receive a product made in America. 

After we manufacture your panels, walk you through your construction process, and help you meet your project requirements, we will then ship your panels and any panel accessories directly to your job site. 

Whether you are building a processing plant, need a freezer for ready to eat food products or possibly even help planning for a pharmaceutical warehouse, we can help complete your structure. Our team of experts is ready to help with any questions you may have. 

If you would like to learn more about our walk-in freezer insulated panels and what sets PermaTherm apart, give us a call today!