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Thermally-Efficient Cold Storage for Fruit and Vegetables

While PermaTherm's cold room panels are used to construct metal panel systems for a variety of applications, many of our clients find them especially effective in cold storage for fruit and vegetables, such as strawberries, lettuce or cabbage. Unlike traditional coolers or freezers, our metal building systems can cool your yield quickly and evenly, prolonging the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables and ultimately increasing your profit margins.

When it comes to cooling fruit, cold storage with insulated metal panels is ideal, because some types of fruit and vegetables retain field heat and can end up wilting or decaying quickly without an effective cooling system. Our metal panel systems create an air-tight, heat-resistant cold room with panels that increase in R-value as temperatures drop. But what does this mean? Let's say you’re a strawberry farmer who needs to eliminate the field heat from your strawberries quickly - if you construct a cold room using our structural insulated panels, your yield will be cooled faster and more evenly than traditional cooling methods, such as packing your products in ice, which will only cool the top and bottom of your strawberries, leaving the middle heat-damaged. Instead, our panels snap together easily to create an airtight, temperature-controlled environment that completely preserves your products - faster than traditional coolers and freezers.

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Environmentally-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Cold Room Panels

PermaTherm's cold room panels not only prolong the life of your products, but will also save you money, as they'll reduce your energy usage. It can be expensive to retain temperatures for the cold storage of fruit and vegetables. We've seen that many people storing fruit use a lot of energy to reduce temperatures to preferred refrigeration levels, meaning that the compressors and chilling units are often running for long periods of time - this can be costly. However, our panels provide R-values of up to 50, enabling you to retain the temperature you need to cool your fruit without requiring your chilling equipment to perform as hard or as long. You'll see this difference reflected in your energy bills throughout the year.

What's more, our cold room panels will help you create a hygienic facility to meet USDA and FDA regulations for the proper storage of fruits and vegetables. Unlike traditional cooling systems, our panels snap together without leaving holes or gaps in the insulation, in which mold or mildew may grow. Instead, our airtight metal panel systems allow fruit and vegetable growers to control the airflow inside their cooling facilities, enabling them to de-humidify the environment and discourage the growth of mold completely.

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