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Superior Insulation Panels for Cold Meat Storage

PermaTherm's walk-in meat cooler panels provide the energy efficiency, temperature control and moisture prevention that allow your cold meat storage facility to produce optimal return on investment. Food processing facilities that specialize in poultry and meat storage benefit from our panels' construction features such as an airtight seal and decreased condensation, which form a high-performance, dehumidified environment.

Our mold-resistant, USDA-approved metal panel systems adhere to sanitation requirements that reduce the risk of contamination, mishandling and bacterial growth in all section of food processing facilities, including cold meat storage areas and more. By maintaining high R-values through their advanced EPS cores, our walk-in meat cooler panels create a cost-effective, temperature-controlled environment that helps decrease the likelihood of food-borne illnesses while reducing your energy and refrigeration costs.

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Build an Energy-Efficient Walk-in Meat Cooler

PermaTherm's high-performing, thermally efficient panels can meet the requirements of any walk-in meat cooler project, and with our easy, streamlined installation process, your cold meat storage facility can reduce energy costs in no time. Our versatile walk-in meat cooler panels can be custom-designed, manufactured and integrated into any existing meat storage facility quickly and affordably.

Our panels can also be used to effectively separate the different areas of food processing facilities to prevent cross contamination between items like frozen food, cooked meat and freshly processed poultry. Plus, our panels can be coated with a plastisol finish, allowing for quick and easy cleaning while each panel's high R-values prevent condensation from building between frequent wash-downs. For a lower price than conventional polyurethane cooling solutions, our insulated panels can help your walk-in meat cooler increase processing efficiency, improve food safety conditions and ultimately boost profit margins!

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