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High-Performance Insulation Panels for Brewery Storage

PermaTherm's thermally efficient cold storage insulation panels are ideal for brewery storage applications, reaching and maintaining high R-values that extend the life of your product and help increase your profit margins. The higher the R-value, the more efficient the panel product, which ensures that not only is your product stored in a high-performance environment but also that your refrigeration costs are cut dramatically.

One of the most important aspects of optimal brewery storage is preserving unique flavors and freshness while maintaining precise, ideal temperatures. Featuring advanced EPS cores not found in traditional cooling solutions, our cold storage insulation panels provide superior temperature control as well as an airtight seal that inhibits moisture, light and other potential contaminants from damaging your product. Plus, all of our cooling panel products are USDA approved, easy-to-clean and are faster to install than traditional construction materials.

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Easy-to-Install Cold Storage Insulation Panels

Our cold storage insulation panels provide unmatched flexibility and can be installed quickly with just a snap of our unique tongue-and-groove joint. No matter the scale or design of your brewery storage facility, our high-performance panels can be custom manufactured to meet your specific needs, constructed within your budget and delivered on time.

PermaTherm's versatile and easy-to-install metal panel systems hold required R-values that will not decrease over time, reducing your future energy costs and allowing you to attain the optimal dehumidified environment for your product. With PermaTherm's cold storage insulation panels, brewery storage can be simple, cost-effective and eco-friendly!

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