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Meat Processing

PermaTherm is a leader in customizing the thermal envelops of the meat processing buildings and/or rooms based on the specific requirements of the end-user, and has had direct experience in processing and production facilities across the country over the past 50 years. Meat packing buildings and room solutions have a variety of needs that often include much more than thermal performance. While many insulated panels may offer thermal performance, PermaTherm offers R-values that last a lifetime, and so much more. You may need to integrate standards for:

  • Cleanliness
  • Abrasion
  • Lighting
  • Washdown

Beef, Pork, Lamb, and other meat processing rooms may be specifically built for cutting, drying, aging/curing, cooling, freezing, blast freezing, smoking, seasoning, cooking, vacuum packaging, boxing, or shipping - with an emphasis on optimizing the product(s) at each stage

You understand your processing protocols better than we do, but we know how PermaTherm’s panels can help meet your needs.

Did you know:

  • An insulated metal panel with a 6 mm paint thickness will hold up longer as your product contacts your cooler panel walls over time.
  • You may be better off with a USDA approved plastisol paint system in your frequent wash down rooms.
  • PermaTherm’s Polar White surface can improve lighting.
  • Curing rooms may benefit from our suspended ceiling systems to maximize your flavoring effect.
  • You may need under-floor heating for your large-scale freezer.
  • If your objective includes multiple processing rooms with varied temperature controls, you may need a variety of freezer doors or partition walls to separate processes.

PermaTherm can deliver your large-scale warehouses, smaller coolers or freezers, retrofit walls, partitions and ceilings, or accommodate virtually any other cold building/room designs. We want to help you accomplish your goals by providing the information you need to understand your options. We can help you optimize your cooler wall system so you will get the best performance from your panel package.

If you need have any questions regarding your packing plant, see our page regarding Cold Meat Storage.

Our experienced team of cold-building specialists are ready to assist you with the best insulated metal package for your new processing plant or aging room expansion. If you want to discuss your expansion plans, contact us. We have the panels and experience you need.