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Beverage Plants, Brewing Facilities, and Distilleries

Did you know the liquid portion of the food chain is as large as the produce, meats, and dairy side combined? Beverage plants, microbreweries, and bottled water producers all have high volume requirements and like any producer that delivers finished consumables to the public, they are tightly controlled environments that must perform.

Microbreweries and Distilleries

Microbreweries and distilleries are often constructed within older buildings that were once utilized for a different need. They possess the charm of an old mill or historic building recognized within its community that associates with its brand, and this aesthetic cannot be minimized. The challenge in microbrewery building is keeping the façade and converting it into a safe and efficient microbrewery or distillery. PermaTherm insulated panels are a perfect solution for retrofitting these buildings into the controlled environment that is needed. The panels can be customized to any length and are easily fabricated into pre-existing spaces. This is important for distilleries, as it is imperative that the environment has low moisture while the product ages.

Beverage Distributors and Water Bottlers

This section of the beverage industry often have initial construction plans that call for an expansion wall. However, as the business grows, the walls come down and the business has to be expanded. That’s why PermaTherm offers an economical panel solution for expansions wall in these applications.
Insulated wall panels of the right thickness offer temperature control, whether ambient cool or cold is required. PermaTherm has extensive experience in building insulation materials and is ready to jump in and help you find the best solution for your sector of the beverage industry. We can help with interior and exterior applications whether it be

  • Plant partition walls
  • Expansion walls
  • Walkable ceilings

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