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PermaTherm’s Insulated Panel Systems: Applications

PermaTherm’s insulated panel systems are versatile and can be used in most types of applications, eliminating the expense of adding insulation to building systems after construction. Our highly thermally efficient panels are particularly ideal for a panel system building constructed for cold storage applications such as warehouses, refrigeration or freezers, and coolers, and our insulated panels systems have performed well in the commercial, food, agriculture, pharmaceutical and retail applications, as well as zero-energy residential metal buildings.

PermaTherm’s advanced insulated metal panel system is a cost-effective investment for a number of buildings and applications, each with the possibility of earning LEED credits. We can help you design a high-performance panel system building. Simply come to us with your application, and our customer representatives will ensure that you are provided with the best building envelope for your job requirements.

Contact our insulated metal panel manufacturing company online to learn more about the benefits of our insulated panel systems. We also offer a wide array of panel accessories and attachment details including LED lighting systems and cold storage doors. PermaTherm provides everything you need to construct your high-performance panel system building.

We Can Help You Design a Thermally Efficient Panel System Building

PermaTherm can help you design a customized, high-performance panel system building that will help you save on energy costs, with high R-values that do not decrease over time. We provide the lowest cost-per-R available, as our insulated panel systems are comprised of the best metal insulated panels in the industry.

Other benefits of using our highly thermally efficient structural insulated panels include the following:

  • We provide more R-value than our competitors.
  • Our panels are strong and durable, reinforcing the steel structure of almost any type of metal building.
  • Constructing a panel system building with our insulated metal panels is much faster than general construction times due to the “tongue-and-groove” design of our panels. This design reduces thermal bridging and facilitates the ease of construction.
  • PermaTherm’s insulated panel system is environmentally friendly, as it is either comprised of a recycled material or is made of a material that is entirely recyclable.

Enjoy our rapid lead times – you won’t have to wait to begin construction on your high-performance panel system building. PermaTherm’s lead times are among the fastest in the industry. Call us toll-free at 877-650-4543. Our customer representatives are waiting to help you design a high-performance insulated metal panel system for your application.