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Cold Storage

PermaTherm is dedicated to providing you with insulated metal panels that will make your cold-storage facility as efficient as possible. Whether you need panels for large projects or small projects alike, we want to help you customize our panels to fit the needs of your facility. We make panels for:

  • Cooler and Freezer Warehouses
  • Cold Storage Expansion
  • Large Food Production Facilities

With the various applications of insulated metal panels, it’s crucial that you choose panels that have the capability to withstand the various conditions they will be exposed to. Cold-storage is often used for food, and this means that the environment must be tightly controlled to ensure the health of the product as it goes through the various processes to be delivered to market. Depending on the product, the panels may need customizations that will make them more suitable for your needs. We can even provide options that will increase light reflectivity as this could be a healthier choice for your product and employees. We can make:

  • Plant partition walls
  • Expansion walls
  • Walkable ceilings

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