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Cold Storage Facilities

Cold Storage: Cold Rooms and Cold Storage Warehouses

A cold room or cold storage warehouse is a specified construction facility utilized for processing and storing items that must be kept at low temperatures to maintain safety and quality. Cold storage facilities are crucial when the temperature controls of a standard storage space are not enough to accommodate thermally sensitive goods, particularly consumable products like those in the food supply chain.

While food processing plants, perishable storage facilities, restaurants, commissaries, and distribution centers frequently need large cold storage rooms to house inventory, many different industries need the protection that controlled environments offer their products.

Cold Storage and Cold Room Applications

Aside from the standard needs of the food industry, various trades find cold storage facilities useful for their products to meet requirements and consumer expectations. PermaTherm has been actively working in the cold storage industry for 30 years, supplying insulated metal panels and sharing strategies that are essential for high performance cold storage facilities throughout the country. We have supplied IMPs, which are the primary thermal envelope for cold rooms for the following applications and more.

  • Permatherm cold storage facilities Produce washing, handling, and storing
  • Beef, pork, poultry, and seafood processing
  • Dairy farming, ice cream storage, and cheese ripening rooms
  • Food retailers, markets, and farm-to-table facilities
  • Medical and pharmaceutical laboratories and storage
  • Beverage factories and bottling plants
  • Grow rooms, clean rooms, and indoor farming
No matter the scope of your project, we can help you find a solution that fits your needs.

Cold Storage Panels

Choosing the best cold storage insulation system is vital for ensuring product performance and standards, lowering operating costs and extending the lifespan and good condition of your facility. PermaTherm is prepared to provide you with insulated metal panel products that assure a quality outcome for each. Our panels offer exceptional insulation properties, and after 7,000 successful jobs we feel confident of great results. Our panels are manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores and fabricated with metal exterior skins, offering the highest R-values comparative to price on the market.

Our panels are:

  • Tough, Strong, and durable
  • Light, easy to move, and simple to install
  • Designed to withstand frequent washdowns
  • Adaptable for a variety of esthetics
  • Finished with USDA approved paint systems
  • Cost-effective, economical, and highly efficient

Our expertise lies in manufacturing and constructing insulated metal freezer or cooler panels for superior cold storage warehouses and facilities. Let our consultants help you plan a cold storage facility that meets your requirements, and together we can create a high-performing, budget-conscious space that safeguards your products for the long term. Our job is to help you create a storage space, large or small, that delivers money-saving results.

Cold Storage Food Preservation, Production, and Processing

After 30 years in the industry, PermaTherm has developed extensive knowledge regarding the exact needs and specifications required for successful food storage.
We have spent an immeasurable amount of time with our clients, working together to create ideal product systems for America’s food supply chain. Thanks to the hours we have dedicated to improving our panel products, we have been an integral part of creating thousands of food processing plants, storage rooms, and more across the country.

When it comes to food preservation, nothing is more important than environmental stability. As it moves from warehouse to market, special care must be taken to guarantee peak freshness and flavor.

We understand the complex construction needs that a successful food industry company requires. If you are a producer of dairy, meats, seafood, poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables, or beverages we can provide you with solutions every step of the way.

Cold Storage Expansion, Additions, and Renovations

Warehouse additions and expansions often require cold room cooler or freezer panels and installation processes that must be customized to fit an already-existing structure. In addition to developing new construction projects, we also offer options that give you confidence in maintaining a tightly controlled environment while expanding your current facility.

Over the recent years, it has become popular for businesses to upcycle existing structures to suit their needs instead of creating an entirely new structure from the ground up. We love the opportunity to partner modern engineering with architectural history. No matter the circumstances surrounding your addition, we can equip you with: Permatherm insulated cold storage panels

  • partition walls
  • expansion walls
  • walkable ceilings
  • suspended ceilings
  • underfloor insulation
  • and more!

Our job is to make sure you have access to every other product you may need for a successful renovation or expansion.

Cold Storage Installation

We believe in approaching every new project from a holistic point-of-view. In addition to manufacturing panels, we like to deliver the PermaTherm Difference, a concept that we believe sets us apart from other insulated metal panel companies.

We provide far more than just a single panel product: we furnish you with all the accessories necessary to complete your insulated panel installation.

Cold Storage Room Parts and Accessories

The following is the base trim and accessories package that is included when you purchase your panels.

    1. 16 Gauge Base Channel
    2. 26 Gauge Inside AnglePermatherm Cold Storage Warehouses
    3. 26 Gauge Outside Angle
    4. Exterior Perimeter Drip Edge Base Flashing (For exterior walls only)
    5. “Handy Foam” Foam System
    6. FSI Non-Skinning Butyl Caulk
    7. Panel Screws
    8. 10 Gauge Galvanized Splines (Exterior Walls Only)
    9. Girt Clips (Exterior Walls Only)
    10. “Peal and Seal Seam” Vapor Barriers
    11. Aluminum Tee-Bar (Ceiling Applications)
    12. Tee-Bar Connection Kit (Ceiling Applications)
    13. 26 Gauge Flat Batten (Ceiling Applications)
    14. Interior Wall Drip Edge Base Flashing (Grow Room Applications Only)

We are happy to accommodate you and help you source additional accessories and trim packages that you may need outside of the base package.

Network of Experts

In addition to our products, we can also provide you with references, referrals, advice, guidance, cost estimations, and anything else needed to produce a well-developed facility. We understand the complications involved with creating a controlled environment and our goal is to alleviate any unnecessary difficulties in the process.

Before you begin building your new cold storage facility, let us help save you time, money, and frustration. Give us a call!