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Clean Rooms

Do you need clean rooms that will meet all specifications and standards?

We want to walk you through the entire process! PermaTherm’s panels utilize USDA approved paint systems and is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. This is vital to many different industries as they seek ways to design buildings that are both functional and sanitary. Applications include:

  • Walk-in coolers/freezers
  • Cold storage warehouses
  • Food processing and storage
  • Floral storage
  • Transportation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • And more!

Pharmaceutical companies, alongside so many of the above-listed industries, must obtain a space that is both sanitary and temperature controlled. It is crucial to maintain the temperature of pharmaceuticals as the wrong temperature can decrease the shelf-life of the product. According to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), unregulated temperatures are the primary reason for deficiencies within the pharmaceutical industry. Generally, slight temperature changes don't significantly affect the product, but the problem comes when pharmaceuticals are exposed to drastic temperature changes - that's why it's important to invest in panels that will regulate the temperature and cleanliness of the warehouse.

PermaTherm's clean room panels are much like our standard structural insulated panels in that they are similar in their structural and thermal characteristics. The most significant difference is that they are manufactured with laminates and coatings which give the panels a smooth surface, with plastisol and stainless steel being the most common skins. This enables the panels to:

  • Prevention collection of contaminants on surface
  • Resist mold and corrosion
  • Withstand frequent washdowns

We even designed our panels with an advanced joining system which optimizes the seams so there are fewer cracks that can collect contaminants.

PermaTherm has been working hard to develop advanced systems for over 20 years. Our panels have high R-values, unsurpassed thermal efficiency, and are easy to install. We are dedicated to offering you quality products, great prices, and our experience as you navigate choosing the best panels for your project. Our panels come in thicknesses between 2 and 12 inches, and in any desired length. We recognize that every project is different, so we work hard to offer you as many options as possible.

Whether you need panels for walls, floors, or a roof, we're here to help you accomplish the ultimate environment for cleanliness and temperature regulation. To talk with one of our experienced team members or to get a quote on your project, contact us!