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Who is PermaTherm?

PermaTherm is a manufacturing company, with a deep understanding of low temperature and controlled environment construction, and the building components required to get those types of projects done right. Above all else, PermaTherm’s deepest understanding is the value of its customers, partners and associates. This is a connected community that PermaTherm defines as its company. At PermaTherm that boundary extends well beyond our walls. We intend to serve that community the way we would like to be served. This is our promise to all who join us in one way or another and become part of our PermaTherm community.

For over 30 years, we have designed and manufactured insulated metal panels (IMPs) serving customers in food production, cold storage, grow rooms, agricultural storage and commercial applications. We believe in a strong work ethic, integrity and commitment to what we do. As a result, our team produces the best insulated metal panels and related serves for controlled environment facilities across the United States. At PermaTherm, we strive to help one another. We care about our employees, our partners and our customers. Our goal is to serve and help.

How can we help you?

You probably want to know what insulated panels cost. Facility owners, general contractors, installers, architects and engineers want to know about our costs, lead times, and how to start the process of ordering. You are at the right place because you are going to get all of those answers and a whole lot more. It all begins with you sharing details about your project, your goals and timeline, so we can share our years of experience and contacts to help you. Setting up an onsite visit to be there firsthand is no problem. Delivering your products in a timely fashion is a requirement. Our goal is building life-long business relationships through supporting you in your construction journey.


Here is How We Do It

PermaTherm wants to be your guide in your insulated panel project and it starts with getting C.L.E.A.R:

C. Contact Us

L. Listen to You

E. Educate Us

A. Advise You

R. Recommend

This is literally how it works – you Contact us, we will Listen to your needs while you Educate us on your goals. Then we will be able to best Advise you of your options by Recommending and referring services that you may need to complete your expansion.

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