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About PermaTherm Culture & Core Values

It’s hard to spell PermaTherm without Team, so we don’t try.

PermaTherm is a company that behaves much more like a work family. We care about one another inside and outside of the office. This is how we think and act. We intend to extend this kind of support to you, our customers. Every team member at PermaTherm puts their heart into supplying each of our customers with high quality insulated metal panels, whether it’s the Sales Team answering questions, the Fulfillment Team ensuring your panels are delivered on time, or the Production Team handling your products with the utmost care during the manufacturing process. Team members at PermaTherm are passionate about their work and strive each day to exceed internal goals and your expectations. The PermaTherm family cares about you and your project – we are here for you.

We put the TEAM in PermaTherm!

PermaTherm Core Values:

  • Community

  • Hard Work

  • Dedication

  • Do the Right Thing

  • Embracing Change

  • Bettering Ourselves and Those we Touch

  • Having Fun

At PermaTherm we believe it starts at the core. Every team member believes in our concept of community, inside and outside of PermaTherm. We all recognize that our community is larger than ourselves. It extends to our suppliers, customers and beyond. These relationships need to benefit all involved for the business relationship to be successful.

Hard work is simply what is required, early to rise and it’s not done until it’s done. That is what makes a good company great.

Dedication to what we do so that we can deliver continuous improvement to our sales service and manufacturing processes. Without being dedicated that goal of continuous improvement simply cannot be achieved.

Do the right thing means ownership at PermaTherm. When we deliver everything as planned and the customer is satisfied, we are proud of it. If we make a mistake, we admit it. We do our best to make the mistake right and learn from it.

PermaTherm embraces change. Change can be difficult, but change is necessary and ultimately good. It is the key ingredient in evolving business relationships and improving manufacturing processes. We have adopted the mentality of being lifelong learners.

Bettering ourselves and those we touch. We seek improvement in our work lives and home lives. It is truly why we subscribe to concepts of community, hard work, and dedication. We believe the better experiences our business partners have through involvement with us, the better ourselves further.

It is FUN at PermaTherm. We spend time at work, a great deal of it and we should enjoy it. The challenges and the victories are all apart of it. At the end of the day, a job well done is something to be proud of and should be celebrated. We don’t mind doing a little bit of that!

Maybe these values resonate with you? If so, PermaTherm is here to serve and guide you in your new facility or expansion project. We bring 30 plus years of experience and some core beliefs that are important to us to help customers like you.

To learn more about why the PermaTherm products are the right choice for you, check out our Why Us Our Products page. Also, feel free to reach out and give us a call!