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Insulated Metal Roofing PanelsInsulated Roofing Panel

PermaTherm's insulating roofing panel (Metal SIPs) are very similar to our standard structural insulated panel except that it may have a combination of:

  • laminate reinforcement to better withstand mechanical abuse
  • high reflectivity coatings to reflect sun radiation and thereby improve thermal performance of the roof
  • thicker insulation to improve thermal performance and/or handle higher loads (such as snow loads), and/or
  • coatings and laminates compatible with green roofing (i.e. lawns or gardens)
  • Insulated Roof Panels are suited for many commercial applications including cold storage facilities, shopping centers, food processing plants and any other roofing insulation needs. Walkable suspended ceilings and roofs are also available.

    With all of PermaTherm's insulating products, we continue to provide the "Lowest Cost per 'R-Value.'"

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